Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Wings Of War

We had a few games of wings of war on Monday using club member John's own ww1 flying rules.
1st Game
The first game we played was a straight dogfight so we could get used to the rules as we hadn't played them in a while.
Mick and Andy were the allies and Myself and John were the Germans.
The Battlefield.
A German Pfaltz and Albatross are spotted.
The Germans then spot an SE5a and a Sopwith Camel.
The Albatross splits off to confront the SE5 leaving the Pfalz to take on the Camel.
The Camel dives down toward the ground as does the Pfalz while the Albatross closes in on the SE5.
The Albatross opens up on the SE5 but causes no damage.
It fires again but causes no damage once again.
The Camel fires at the Pfalz but only damages the paintwork.
The SE5 and the Albatross almost crash into the Pfalz but luckily it is at a lower height and they fly over it.
Having returned to the same height as his wing man the Pfalz almost crashes into the Albatross but they both manage to evade each other.

The Camel opens fire on the two Germans as they try to evade each other but causes no damage.

The Albatross and the Pfalz attempt to escape the Camel(as you can see the Albatross went out of bounds if this happens the player is told he must return to the battlefield at the earliest opportunity or remove himself from play).

The Albatross returns to the Battlefield only to be met by a hail of bullets but unfortunately the Camel suffers a stoppage.

The Pfalz is one again fired upon but this time by the SE5 but suffers only minimal damage.

The SE5 is unable to adjust its course and the Pfalz manuvers away.

 The Camel is forced to clear its stoppage but in doing so allows the Albatross to escape.

The Germans continue to outmanoeuvre their opponents.

The Pfalz fires at the SE5 but to no effect.

The SE5 and the Albatross narrowly miss crashing into each other.

The Camel makes the cardinal mistake of flying in a straight line during a dogfight and the Pfalz takes advantage of this and hits the Camels pilot but luckily it is only a graze.

The Camel breaks off and the Germans target the SE5.

 The Pfalz and the SE5 come face to face they both open fire but incredibly neither suffer any damage.
The Camel returns but at this point he is starting to run low on ammunition.

The SE5 decides to move away to gather his bearings but in doing so leaves the low on ammunition Camel to face both Germans.

The lone Camel faces the two Germans but once again his bullets fail to hit.

The Pfalz executes an Immelman and hits the Camel

But before either of them can fire they are forced to evade each other.

The Pfalz and the Albatross both execute Immelmans and closwe in on their targets.

 The Albatross and the Camel prepare to joust.

The Albatross and the Camel fire on each other but cause no damage and now both planes are about to collide.

The Camel manages to dive underneath the Albatross and realising he is out of ammo starts to fly back to base.

With the Albatross in hot pursuit.

The SE5 moves to defend his retreating comrade but is attacked by the Pfalz who manages to hit the SE5's spars but the damage is minimal.

The Pfalz is now out of ammo and retreats,The Camel dives toward the ground and manages to escape the Albatross.

The Albatross turns and attempts to ram the SE5 before he can fire although they do not collide the SE5 is forced to evade and cannot open fire.

The square off for their final showdown.

They continue to circle each other.

The Albatross and the SE5 finally confront each other firing the last of their ammunition the Albatross is unharmed but the SE5 is hit and suffers a fuel leak.

With his ammunition spent the SE5 attempts to ram the Albatross they hit each other but the SE5 is relatively undamaged however the Albatross isn't so lucky as his undercarriage is severely damaged.

The Albatross breaks off but starts to lose height.

The Albatross attempts to land but crashes and the pilot is killed.

The SE5 attempts to return to base but while on route he runs out of fuel and crash lands but his injuries arnt fatal and he is sent to hospital.

A victory for the allies as they lost neither of their pilots.

2nd Game

The second game we switched sides and Andy left so it was myself and John as the allies vs Mick as the Germans.

The allies need reconnaissance photos of enemy positions so they send a R.E.8 escorted by a Sopwith Camel while the German advance scouts spot the incoming allies and the Germans dispatch one of their aces in an Albatross to intercept them.

The RE8 reveals its target the bridge but the Albatross is closing in.

The RE8 and his Camel escort almost crash into each other but they are able to evade.

The RE8 takes its first lot of pictures while the Camel keeps the Albatross busy they both fire on each other but no damage is dealt.

The Albatross flies underneath the Camel and moves toward the RE8.

The RE8's rear gunner opens fire on the Albatross but misses.

The Albatross prepares to fire at the RE8 but the Camel attempts to stop it and in doing so nearly crashes into it.

The RE8 comes round for its second photo run.

The RE8 opens fire on the Albatross but only causes minimal damage.

The Albatross opens fire on the RE8 but one again only causes minimal damage.

The RE8 successfully takes its pictures despite anti aircraft fire and starts to return to base while the Camel tries to fire at the Albatross but it is to high up.

The Albatross and the Camel almost crash once again.

The RE8's rear gunner and the Albatross exchange fire and the Albatros' pilot is hit but it is only a graze.

The Camel flies over the Albatross who is now tailing the RE8.

The Albatross opens fire on the RE8 and severely damages the spars forcing it to lose control.Seeing this the Camel opens fire on the Albatross and hits the engine giving it an oil leak the ace is in trouble.

The RE8 cannot regain control and crashes with the pilot and the gunner being killed.

The German ace attempts to return to base but his engine seizes up and he glides and crash lands and the ace is killed.

Although the German ace was killed he succeeded in stopping the recconnaisance  so we gave the victory to the Germans.

At this point we ran out of time two very enjoyable games with John's rules.

Next up is an update on my rebel forces for the Spartacus rebellion i will post that after the Border Reiver show on Saturday where there will be a wings of war game run by John using his rules.

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