Wednesday, 7 May 2014

28mm Roman villa and Ludus.

Gladiator school 
We are planning on getting some Gladiators and a rules set, possibly at Carronade this Saturday, so i thought i would make a Ludus attached to villa as a nice backdrop to the games.

This is the first version. Most of the buildings have side windows which i will remove from the next version so they can butt up against each other which i think will look better. The wall arrangement will also need to be altered as a result.
The villa from the front. 

Store room and servants quarters. 

The back of the villa showing the grandstand overlooking the combat arena and the cell blocks. 

Store room and servants quarters from inside. 

The rear of the main villa building. 

These building represent the main Gladiator cell block with 2 similar blocks representing the armoury and the champion Gladiators cell. 

The arena could be made bigger if required but this the model as it is now.  Materials used were 2mm MDF, styrene pantiled roof sheets from the US and some mount board.


  1. Looks very good! Big, too.

    What did you use for the pantiles? Cheers, Simon

  2. The pantiles are from JTT and partners in the US. Each sheet is about 20 x 30cm so much better for large roofs than Wills.


  3. Really good mate, where the hell are you going to store all these buildings!

  4. Splendid, really splendid...This would almost makes me want to become a gladiator!

  5. Hi - I know this is a while ago, but really love this villa and ludus. Would like to get in contact with you if I could.


    1. Hi Frank.

      No problem. Just looked at your Blog an i have come across it before. Lots of good stuff in there.

      Mick and Carl

  6. An excelent piece of workmanship. Hope you don't mind me stealing your lay-out.

  7. Thanks for the comments Sam. Feel free to copy the layout, there's plenty of work ahead of you!