Saturday, 10 May 2014


We had a tank battle on Wednesday using Micks 20mm WW2 stuff.

Myself and Tom took the allies and Mick took the Germans.
We used the rules Blitzkrieg Commander.
The Scenario
Normandy 1944 allied air support reported seeing German troops and armour in a nearby village.Allied artillery fired on the village and caused significant damage. After another pass the air support could not ascertain whether all enemies had been neutralised so a platoon of Sherman's and Cromwell's were ordered to move in and destroy any remaining enemies.
The Battlefield. 

 The Cromwell's move down the road led by a Petard.

 The Sherman's move down the right.

 The Cromwell's continue down the road.

 The Sherman's charge across the field toward the village.

 A Sherman sneaks along the road.

One of the Sherman's spots a Panther tank hiding behind a building. 

The Panther fires at the Sherman.

 It hits but does not destroy it although it is suppressed.

 The Cromwell's respond to the gunfire by moving into the field on the left.

 The Sherman's close in on the Panther.

 One of the Cromwell's moves across the field when.

 Another Panther reveals itself and opens fire.

 It damages and suppresses the Cromwell.

 A second Cromwell fires on the Panther.

 It is also damaged and suppressed.

 A third Panther reveals itself and prepares to fire at one of the Sherman's.

 But before it can the Sherman takes cover behind a building.

Another Sherman fires at one of the Panthers. 

 But can only suppress it.

 The Sherman's close in.

 Command Blunder: One of the Cromwell's is destroyed by enemy fire.

The Panther fires on the Petard. 

And Partially damages it.

 But the Panther does not notice the Sherman moving behind it.

 The Sherman opens fire and destroys the Panther.

The Panther behind the hedge manages to suppress a Cromwell.

 The Sherman's move in on the second Panther.

 The remaining three Cromwell's fire on the Panther behind the hedge.

 They only manage to suppress it though.

 The other Panther desperately tries to fend off the attacking Sherman's and manages to suppress one.

 The other Panther attempts to aid its comrade and suppresses another Sherman.

One of the Cromwell's moves into the village and suppresses the Panther. 

 Two Cromwell's fire on the Panther behind the hedge.

 And partially damages it.

 The remaining Cromwell also fires on the same Panther.

 This time the Panthers armour is penetrated and it is destroyed. 


 At this point the remaining Panther surrendered.It was a surprising result as we expected the Panthers to be more lethal than they were.

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