Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Colonel Schaeffers last chancers.

This Sci Fi lark! 

Now i have to admit i'm a historical gamer at heart and wouldn't normally waste valuable painting time on this sort of stuff. Some sculpts are ,however, simply too good to pass on. Schaeffers lads, and lass, fall into this category. Carl bought them some time ago and patiently waited for me to cave! Well, appropriately, it was the sniper wot got me! This really is a nicely done piece of work. In a break from my usual painting plan each figure was painted in isolation as they are all dressed differently.

 The first three are pictured here and i have to say i'm pleased with the way they have turned out. Just need a coat of matt spray to finish.

I will be painting a couple more of these over the next week or so and will add them to the Blog when they are done.

Inspired by these figures and in another break in a habit of a lifetime i intend to actually purchase some 40k figures of my own, namely the Tallarn Desert raiders sniper team. The sniper in that set is even better. I will add to these a few more desert raiders in due course, just enough to do a desert raid in fact! That will be the limit of my dabbling into 40k.

The main man. 

The sniper 

The eye candy. 

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  1. Nice, one of my future 15mm 40K projects.