Tuesday, 6 May 2014

10mm Zulu war

I have been painting up Carls Zulu wars figures which were purchased a while back from Pendraken. He's since bought another pack! We also have 28mm AZW figures but i think this period is one ideally suited to the little fellas. The Zulus from the first pack are all painted and i have finally got them on bases. 
 There are 3 units done at present with each one consisting of 32 figures on 4 stands. This is the first time i have ever used movements trays and these ones have dice holders built in together with the units name. The plan is to use them for Black Powder games.

Both regiments were at Isandlwana with a strength of 1500 warriors and i will probably do 3 movement stands for each.

Umbonambi Regt-unmarried, Red shields with one white spot
Udhloko Regt, married also red shield with one white spot.


I have painted up some British infantry as 1/24th foot but need a couple more to complete the base. Also done is some artillery which i will get based up in the next few days. My main problem is with the cavalry of which i have 15 painted.  The Pendraken cavalry are generic figures which don't actually match anything i can find as far as the belts and armament are concerned. I have painted them in all blue uniforms with white belts so there are a couple of options that come close enough so i think its decision to for these lads. Pics of thes to follow when the mist clouding my brain clears up a bit!


  1. Like these Mick, good job, Brits next?

    1. Yep, might have enough for a game in a couple of weeks!

  2. A fantastic collection, British troops will have to be prudent!

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    Regards Alan