Sunday, 18 May 2014


We had a game of Vietnam on Wednesday using my 15mm figures.

Mick and Tom took the Americans while myself and Darren took the Vietnamese.

The Scenario
A Marine platoon is being escorted up a river my a Monitor and has been told to be on lookout as Viet Cong have been spotted in the area recently.

The Battlefield

The two Monitors move up the river.

Simple peasants or are they.

As the armoured Monitor moves up a large force of Viet Cong burst out of the jungle and open fire.

They hit and suppress the Monitor.

The Transport Monitor fires on the VC and kills one unit.

To make matters worse for the Monitors a group of NVA move out of the jungle on the other side of the river but two men are quickly killed by the Transport.

The VC continue to fire on the Armoured Monitor and one gets a lucky hot on the fuel line and the hulking boat is engulfed in huge explosion.

Seeing this the Transport decides to unload its troops and also suppresses a unit of VC.

And a unit of NVA.

The first unit disembarks.

And are quickly suppressed by the NVA although the remaining marines disembark successfully.

American reinforcements arrive.

The Marines fire on the VC who have come out of the jungle to meet them and suppress one unit.

NVA mortars fire at the marines.

They suppress one unit.

The three transport Huey's land and a large force of marines deploy.

The Huey gunship moves to attack the VC but is is suppressed by NVA heavy machine guns.

The Huey's take off as the marines move toward the river.

One of the Huey's moves to attack the VC and is fired upon but takes no damage.

Another one fires and suppresses a unit of VC.

The NVA HMG again suppresses the Gunship.

The remaining Monitor is suppressed by the NVA.

The NVA HMG's shoot down the Gunship.

The NVA mortars fire on the marines but cause no harm.

The HMG's turn their attention to the Nearest transport Huey and suppress it.

The other Huey fires on the VC and suppresses to units. 

The same Huey fires again and kills four VC.

The HMG's again suppress the Huey.

The NVA mortars fire again and kill three marines.

The Monitor is again suppressed by the NVA infantry.

The NVA Heavy machine guns destroy a second Huey.

The remaining two Huey's move across the river to attack the NVA mortars. 

They kill one mortar crew and suppress the other two.

The American reinforcements rush towards the VC and the other marines kill an RPG team.

Seeing the horde of oncoming Americans the remaining VC start to retreat.

One unit retreats but moves across some open ground and are immediately suppressed by the marines.

The remaining NVA rush out to confront the two Huey's.

They manage to suppress one Huey while a unit of their own is suppressed.

The marines finish off the VC unit in open ground.

One VC unit decides to charge the marines but they are easily killed.

The Medical Huey suppresses two NVA units.

But it is then shot down by A HMG.

The remaining Huey suppresses a HMG team.

But is suppressed itself by the other.

The game ended here with the VC pulling out.

We gave the victory to the VC and NVA as they managed to destroy two transport Huey's a Huey gunship and a Monitor while losing relatively few men.

Thanks For Reading